Composite Fillings for Beautiful Smiles in West Hollywood

When tooth decay appears, quick action is needed to preserve the tooth and prevent greater damage and pain. Dr. Eric L. Fugier provides composite fillings to patients in West Hollywood, restoring smiles to better health while maintaining their elegance and beauty. Whether you are in need of a filling, or simply want to keep your teeth in good health, schedule an appointment with our office today.

Benefits of a Composite Filling

When we think of dental fillings, we often picture a dark metallic spot in the middle or at the edge of a tooth, useful, but highly noticeable. However, while amalgam (metal) fillings were once the norm, dentists today are moving toward composite fillings for the many advantages they offer. These benefits include:

Beauty: Composite fillings are made of a composite resin that can be matched to the color of your teeth. This provides protection for the tooth without impacting your smile’s aesthetic quality.

Adhesion: The resin material bonds to the tooth surface easily, further blending in and protecting your smile.

Preservation: Composite resin is flexible, allowing it to fill in small nooks and requiring less of the tooth to be shaped to make space for the filling.

Health: Some patients who show sensitivity to amalgam find composite fillings to be more comfortable.

Reasons You Need a Filling

The most common reason for seeking a composite filling is in the event of tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth produce acidic plaque, which wears through the enamel. Left untreated, it can eventually reach the pulp and cause an infection. Removing the decayed enamel and filling in space with the composite resin protects against further damage.

You may also choose to have a composite filling replace an existing amalgam filling, especially if the old filling is worn or has come loose.

Expert Filling Placement for Healthier Smiles

Dr. Fugier is well practiced in the placement of composite fillings. He combines his knowledge and skill, honed over years of dental service, with a sharp eye for aesthetics and an artistic hand, preserving the natural beauty of your smile. He is careful to maintain as much of the natural tooth as possible, protecting your tooth structure and overall dental health. 

Whether you seek an experienced dentist for restorative dentistry or someone with the artistic skill to enhance your smile’s beauty, Dr. Fugier offers the dental care you need. Make an appointment to visit our beautiful West Hollywood office today.



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