The Botched Teeth
Syndrome in Hollywood
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Dr. Eric Fugier - A Dentist
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Smile is Everything
Dr. Eric Fugier

A Perfect Smile
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New Business for Dentists;
Fixing Botched Cosmetic Work

Dr. Eric Fugier
America's "Best Dentist"

Best Beauty Bets:
Teeth Whitening to the Rescue

New Business for Dentists:
Fixing Botched Cosmetic Work

Porcelain Veneers:
80 Years In The Making
Dr. Eric L Fugier

How the Rich and
Famous Stay Young

Focus on Dr. Eric Fugier
The Artist Behind The Smile

Dental Implant
Is It Right For You?
Dr. Eric. L. Fugier

Beauty Rx

The Perfect Smile: America's
Best Dentist Reveals His Secrets

Hollywood Smile

New Trends In Dentistry
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Dalai Lama
Keynote Speaker
on Compassion

Deluxe Dentistry
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Soda Pop and Your Teeth
Dr. Eric L. Fugier

Who Does Ya, Baby?

Oral Cancer: Your Dentist
Can Save Your Life
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Pregnancy and
Oral Health

Unique Health Practitioners

The Art of Staying Young
Dr. Eric L. Fugier

Chic Today
The Dalai Lama's Call for a
More Compassionate World

Your Mouth Is Your
Gauge to Your Health
Dr. Eric L. Fugier

Diabetes and
Oral Health